The restaurant is located in the Southern part of Peloponnese, Greece by the old railway station in the city of Kalamata. The area of south Peloponnese and more specifically the municipality of Kalamata shows a significant increase in visitors from the mainland and also global touristic visitors.


Spyros & Panagiotis Kompogiannitis


July, 2018

Nomination Award
International Hiiibrand Awards
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New positioning

The restaurant owners took the decision of proceeding in a both visual and interior space rebranding. Motivated by their will to totally separate the Cardamon restaurant brand name from all the Greek taverns that are located in the city, and positioning it in the categories of “CUISINE” and “COMFORT FOOD” that are truly represented by the restaurant’s creative and quality dishes.

The rebranding of Kardamo identity was assigned to our design studio, as well as all brand identity’s visual applications, while the interior design of the restaurant was assigned to Villy Koumani who is an interior designer at Kalamata city.

Our source of inspiration when conceiving and designing the logo’s icon was the creative combination of 2 strong cuisine symbols. The symbol of the cooking spoon and the symbol of the cooking pot.

The visual combination of both symbols was designed in such way in order to present a direct reference towards the cardamon seed that the restaurant adopted its name from.

Σχεδιασμός συσκευασίας κάρδαμο εστιατόριο καλαμάτα pecora nera design studio
That resulted a successful approach to the owners primary request of continuing the recognition of the KARDAMO brand name in the vast touristic area of South Peloponnese and more especially in the city of Kalamata. For the typography of this rebranding we chose to use a modern Slab Serif font in capital letters, that is visually harmonised towards the developed design and concept in order for the logotype to enhance and represent the level of prestige and professionalism the restaurant has achieved.
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