Pyrgiotiko Sausages

Our Design Studio has completed the five flavour packaging series of «Pyrgiotiko sausage limited edition» for the Malliopoulos meat company. When creating this brand we believed that both the geographical reference & origin were essential.
Branding & Packaging
Panagiotis Malliopoulos

January, 2018

Merit Award
Hiiibrand Awards
limited edition packaging

Geographical reference & origin

We found necessary to include those design & communication elements that would characterise the Greek province of Peloponnese, and more specifically the town of Pyrgos (that in Greek means “the tower”) which has a long history in Greek traditional products.

The packaging design for “Pyrgiotiko Sausages” has been selected to showcased into the “Packaging Of The World” | www.packagingoftheworld.com

Our purpose was this quality awarded product (by the iTQi organization) to advertise and geographically categorise its shelf through its Greek name origin and its design elements such as the valleys, the mountains and the historic reference of the town’s first tower where the city was later named on.
The design adopts simple black and white tones, praising packaging’s natural paper material, while the descriptive earthly colour details of gold, red, orange, purple and green are co-working in the purpose of communicating the ingredient differences of each package.
packaging design
Branding typography, is the result of a balanced combination between a mono spaced font and a geometrical one, in order to be in harmony with the logotype and all other design elements of this packaging series.

Observing this product’s direct commercial competition, we came to the conclusion that a great number of delicatessen products, are adopting a very common and way to present packaging’s content (with a simple geometrical window-cut often being a circle or a rectangular shape), we decided to follow a more creative and unique approach in order to separate this product line from competition. Drawing our inspiration from Peloponnese, we have concept and designed a window cut that represents a direct symbolism to the area’s mountain line, while in the same time creating the initial “M” letter of the company’s name (Malliopoulos).

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