Will you sing to me?

“Will you sing to me?” is an online series show that started on February 2018 by the musicologist George Myzalis in a living room and had as a first gust the generous Phoivos Delivorias. “Will you sing to me?” aim is to record stories that exist behind written songs as well as the history of Greek music scene throughout the stories of their protagonists.
George Myzalis

July, 2019

Will you sing to me?

«Will you sing to me?»

The name was inspired by show’s presenter polite ending question towards the guest, which is “Will you sing to me?”. The guest generously responds by creating an unpublished collective version of a favourite song.
Motivated by the start of a second season of shows, George Myzalis assigned us to design show’s visual identity.
Will you sing to me?
Inspired by the words music-song-person we designed the logo through a note’s de-constructive approach. Using the note form we extracted strong referenced shapes such as vertical lines, circles and semicircles in order to create an abstract human face shape reference, symbolising show’s guest.
A perfect circle is symbolic to a singer’s mouth, while the vertical note line combined with semicircles, completes protagonist’s face reference. By a simple frame animation the protagonist sings and changes emotions.
Identity’s colour palette is inspired by the RGB (Red - Green - Blue) chromatic model, symbolising the extend of colours that are seen in a screen or a TV.

The basic colour was selected to be the blue (B), that is representative of the Greek song scene and alternatively the red and green symbolising tension and calmness. For identity’s typography we selected a geometric font in various weights that is in harmony with logotype’s design.
Will you sing to me?

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